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What I Do

Modern WebSite Development

Research and Planning

Study the project objectives, choose the best approach and software platform, plan the site

Design and Development

Study apropriate style, format & palette. Translate ideas in to code, implement required features and functionalities

Responsive Web Design

With smartphones tablets and many devices is important for a website to be equally rendered across all the spectrum

Maintenance and Marketing

Server management and deployment, integration with Social Networks, follow the relevant SEO protocols. All steps necessary to improve the online visibility of the site

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About Projects

Projects in steps

  • HTML5 WebSite

    HTML is the master programming language of the web, Historically HTML static sites were initially the main way to create a web site, still today the semplicity and small footprint are clear advantages.
    Static HTML is ideal for sites that are not updated often. Because there is not clear separation between code and content, in order to modify a page a basic knowledge of Html is required.

    Typical structure of a static site
    1. 1. Pages (Home Page, About Us, Contact, etc)

    2. 2. Multimedia Content (Image Gallery, Video)

    3. 3. Logo and Graphic

    4. 4. Domain and hosting

  • WordPress Blog and Site

    Born in 2004 as Open Source project for a Blog, evolved over a decade to become the leading publishing platform, powering an estimated 25% -Nov 2015- (and growing) of the web. From a simple tool crafted as blog became on time a full-fledged CMS (Content management System) able to sustain complex projects..

    Main key areas of a WordPress installation
    1. 1. The WordPress software. Can be downloaded free from: www.wordpress.org

    2. 2. Themes (themes are created to visually enhance the software standard release)

    3. 3. Plugins (plugins are software components designed to add extra features to the core application)

    4. 4. Domain and hosting

  • e-Commerce

    An e-commerce application requires careful planning. A small functional e-commerce can be easily created using a standard CMS like WordPress or Joomla and a component to add the extra features such as catalogue and shopping cart. However this is a not suitable option for hosting large e-commerce sites with thousands of items and several categories due to potential issues with stability and performance..

    Taking control of things
    1. Big e-commerce requires specif features and the best way is to use a specific software such as OpenCart or PrestaShop.

  • Domain Name and Hosting

    A website to be published on the internet requires a domain name and a hosting. Choosing the correct solution can be difficult, in a market of web hosting providers with offers and cost that can vary to a great extent, and not always in relation to the quality provided. While a free hosting can be perfect for a brochure or small blog is necessary to consider carefully things like performances and search engines ranking. On a free or very cheap hosting usually your site will share resources with hundreds of different sites and this can influence the above mentioned.
    Contact me and I will advise you about the numerous options available.


You need to develop a project? I would like to offer my Web design services and help you craft your online presence.

About me


Hello, my name is Andrea, I have been creating websites since 2007; customize existing themes, write new code, custom-design graphic and optimize images in PhotoShop. Planning new projects or improving existing websites it' s all part of my experience. I also run online business so I am aware of the planning and tasks involved.
I have published pixelsgear.com to reach out on the net, meet new people, follow and share resources related to web design, offer my services to all. Some project I helped to develop are now ongoing, that is always one of my objectives. I also follow my clients on freelancing platforms;
UpWork , Twago and People per Hour. You can also purchase my hourly with them from this page.

Other Web Services

Your website is important, some times is not easy to make the right technical choice. To help make things more clear I put some other info together with common questions here:

my aim is to produce custom tailored solutions based on objectives, using a wide range of tools and different strategies

  • Website design and coding
  • Site maintenance, updates & quick fixes
  • e-Commerce deployment - PrestaShop, Open Cart
  • CMS custom design - WordPress, Joomla
  • Facebook App - creation, customisation
  • Social network - integration, customisation
  • PhotoShop images and graphic optimisation
Integration with SaaS (software as a service) application
  • Payment systems
  • Booking systems
  • Customer relationship management

Certainly if you would like to know more or have questions I will be happy to offer my advise, discuss about new site or maintenance of existing one, please send me a brief request using the contact form.
Big projects also can be easily developed collaborating online, there are plenty of web based project management application to facilitate the work. I am available for consultation via telephone, mail and Skype.

My PPH profile: pph.me/andreag

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